The 6th Congress of the Asia Association of Medical Laboratory Scientists (AAMLS) is ready for registration

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from the AAMLS Chair person


It is the greatest honor to be invited to the 6th congress of AAMLS in Pattaya, the beautiful gulf coast City in Thailand. Also, I am indeed honored to join the congress of AAMLS soon and, by chairperson of AAMLS, I would like to extend a wholehearted welcome to all of the participants from the AAMLS member countries.


Since the first congress of AAMLS held in Kuala Lumpur in 2001, we have enlarged in membership and far more consolidated scientifically and educationally with our biennial scientific festival. AAMLS is the international alliance for the medical laboratory scientists contributing to health of mankind and developing oneself with state-of-the-art technology for preparing coming challenges in research, diagnosis and prevention of diseases, especially in the continent of Asia. History is the second to none backbone of the organization for its unilateral philosophy in which all the members are firmly unified and surely, speak up for rights in our fields. We should keep this legacy from our senior medical laboratory scientists who dedicated for AAMLS, and hand over it to the next generation as more reinforced, developed and advanced congress and association by your active participating in the congress.

AAMLS has been shortly grown up as one of the international federations in Asia, and equally standing with other international federations in Europe, America and the World. All the thanks go to you and your colleagues for joining us and taking part in this wonderful scientific festival in medical laboratory science.

The previous congress of AAMLS held in marine city of Busan, Korea was magnificently successful with thousands of participants from 16 countries. Again, more wonderful and far better successful congress is now coming to you!

During the congress, I hope that this beautiful city will be able to conduct an academic research and exchange with each other and become a place of harmonization among medical technologists, professors, researchers and multinational companies.


Like the theme “breakthrough of the medical technology” of this congress, I hope that the academic improvement and the interest of the medical technologists will develop and establish an academic exchange that can meet the medical technology of medical technologists, professors, researchers and multinational companies.

Finally, once again, I would like to express my deepest appreciation to Chutipongvivate, President of AMTT and all the AMTT Members.


And thanks to the representatives of AAMLS member countries.

Thank you and see you in Pattaya.

Man-gil Yang,
Chairperson of AAMLS


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